An overview of our equestrian sport products

MATTES Equestrian Sport Products

MATTES Online Configurator

Discover our MATTES Online Configurator for equestrian sport products. You can custom design, view and directly order any of our products to suit your needs and wishes.

  • Live preview of your configuration
  • View on the horse
  • Millions of colour combinations
  • Extensive lambskin options
  • Countless additional options
  • for saddle pads, girths, exercise sheets, fly veils and boots

MATTES Saddle Pads

Saddle pads and numnahs: with lambskin and to suit all riding styles

Our saddle pads and numnahs are available in a range of sizes and colour combinations to suit your personal needs and tastes. Mattes has the whole range to suit disciplines including general purpose, dressage and show jumping. All saddle pads are SPINEFREE®, ensuring that they do not exert any pressure on the spinous processes. The saddle pads and numnahs are fitted with fixing slots for SADDLE-FIX® and can be combined with our CORRECTION® system.


Girths for all purposes with optional lambskin

Mattes offers short and long girths, western girths and stud girths in anatomical, asymmetric, crescent or athletico versions, together with a range of special girths. The lambskin padding relieves strain, prevents slipping and avoids chafing and skin irritation. Our girths are unique thanks to details such as the narrow section around the elbows, SOFT-EDGE and POLY-FLEX® inserts. The choice of the right girth and ensuring it is correctly positioned are key to a happy horse and happy rider.


HI-PRO boots in fleece or Professional Boots with hard shells and lambskin linings

Our top quality boots offer protection for your horse’s sensitive legs, tendons and bones. Professional and HI-PRO boots from Mattes come with leather impact protection. HI-PRO boots have POLY-FLEX padding beneath the leather impact protection. Professional boots have removable lambskin linings. The padding in the hard shells is designed so that air can circulate freely. Professional boots fit securely around the leg, so there are no pressure points as with many other boots and no pinching as with bandaging. Both boots are designed to prevent overheating.

MATTES Fly Veils

Top quality cotton yarn fly veils

Mattes fly veils are made of top quality Egyptian cotton and mercerised to create an attractive sheen. Our employees crochet them by hand. Use our Configurator to embellish your fly veil with piping and binding in a choice of colours. Naturally, the colours of our fly veils match those of our other products such as numnahs, saddle pads or boots, so you can ensure that the individual elements of your horse’s tack match each other perfectly.

MATTES Exercise Sheets

Top quality fleece exercise sheets

When designing our products, Mattes makes every effort to develop meaningful new items. They should make your horse’s work easier and consequently improve his willingness to perform. Based on that philosophy, our exercise sheets fulfil the following important functions: They help sweat to evaporate, while protecting from cold, wind and flies. Our MER system is popular, combining a numnah with a colour-coordinated and firmly secured exercise sheet: specially developed for riding in all gaits without impeding the horse or rider.