Our customers and partners believe in Mattes

“Innovative ideas and top quality, horse-friendly products”

Professional and amateur riders, experts in the field and scientists all believe in our company, and have done for many years. They value the outstanding quality of our products, their extraordinary functionality and durability and our company philosophy. Exactly what draws these people to Mattes and our equestrian sports products?

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Our Products

Find out more about our approach to quality and function with MATTES equestrian products.

This video provides important information about our sophisticated production processes, individual roles and the years of passion that go into every one of our products.

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Tanja Missalek,

Missalek Saddlery and Equestrian Supplies in Ravensburg:

I’ve happily stocked Mattes products as part of my range for 15 years. Right from the beginning, I was impressed by the functionality and manufacturing of these products, always to consistently high quality.

The service you get from Mattes is always fast and their staff are always friendly and skilled.

I particularly like the Mattes crescent girth – for any riding style. It’s helped me with many problematic horses, as has the Correction Pad. When it comes to colours, my clients and I tend to prefer natural shades, such as brown, black and natural.

In summary, these well-designed products from Mattes significantly improve the services I offer.

Beatrix Schulte Vienna,

Founder of the Deutsche Institut für Pferde-Osteopathie (DIPO – German Equine Osteopathy Institute) in Dülmen, Westphalia:

We’ve been having great results with Mattes products for ten years. They are extremely high quality and we love their development, design and quality.

A particular feature is the incredibly dense wool on the Mattes pads: it effectively prevents pressure, chafing and rubbing on the horse’s skin. The saddle cloths are cut high over the withers, ensuring that there is no pressure at all on the spinous processes. Another sophisticated innovation comes to mind too: the distinctive quilted pattern means that the wadding material cannot move.

The wealth of ideas, innovative products such as the Correction Pad, the high quality standards and functionality, and the horse-friendly approach of Mr Mattes and his team simply make a fantastic combination.

Ernst Peter Frey,

Western riding instructor at Red Stone Ranch in Deißlingen:

“The first time I tried it, the Mattes lambskin saddle reminded me of a Doma Vaquera saddle – one of the oldest and most comfortable working saddles in the world. The Mattes lambskin saddle offers the rider almost as much stability and grip as a traditional western saddle, yet the horse has greater freedom of movement: The design fits the horse’s conformation flexibly. Typical western manoeuvres such as spin, rollback or sliding stop can be ridden without any loss of balance.

Because it is so light and it has the Correction System integrated into the pad, I can imagine the lambskin saddle being great for training young horses too.”

Dr. med. vet. Selma Latif,

Equine Department at the University of Zurich Veterinary Hospital:

We’ve been working directly with E.A. Mattes since 2012. A correctly-fitting saddle is an integral part of keeping a horse’s back healthy. The lambskin saddle pads can help to optimise saddle fit, so we recommend an E.A. Mattes product in such cases.

The lambskin saddle pads are of consistent quality and relatively durable. We also like the ability to have a product made to meet specific requirements.
The company is highly successful, and yet Mr Mattes remains self-critical and open to alterations and improvements.